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Parkinson’s Care Doncaster

Parkinson’s disease is a condition that affects the brain, caused by a loss of nerve cells. However much is still unknown about the disease. In the early stages care is very manageable, however further down the line things can get difficult for both the person with Parkinson’s and loved ones.  For advanced stage Parkinson’s the symptoms are more complex and can have a big impact on daily life. A person may find that they are unable to complete everyday tasks such as dressing, cooking or washing without assistance.

Orchids Care can offer care services in the home to help people suffering with Parkinson’s. Our service is tailored to a clients needs and to help them retain as much independence as possible, whilst enjoying the peace of mind of professional and reliable help.

A unique approach to personal care, contact today for more information on Orchids Care services,  available in Doncaster and across Metropolitan Borough , call now on : 01302 570729

Alternatively you can visit our website: https://www.orchids-care.co.uk/